Two of My Favorite Things

For the last few years I have been doing research on sport companies with a social conscience or mission.  I want to put my money into companies that stand for something, whether it is making a smaller environmental footprint, sourcing natural ingredients, using safe and fair labour practices, or helping to clear landmines in formerly... Continue Reading →

Sometimes It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

I had a great 2017.  It was so good in fact that I have been having some serious struggles setting my 2018 goals. I even wrote a HUGE post about 2017 that is still sitting in my drafts. I decided not to post it, so here is the Coles Notes version: We had an amazing... Continue Reading →

As parents we all want to give our children everything.  Even though this is very true for Petja and me, a few weeks ago we made a decision for our children that we thought was going to be very difficult to make. The kids swim club was at a swim meet in Windsor, Ontario this... Continue Reading →

Why I Run 4 Youth Mental Health?

I am so pleased to announce that I have been selected to be a 2016 RBC Race for the Kids Toronto Ambassador. On  Saturday , September 17, 2016 I will be running 15 kilometers to raise awareness and funds for Youth Mental Health Services at Sunnybrook. Based on previous posts it is obvious that I... Continue Reading →

It’s In Their Blood

They never had a chance!  Spectating and racing has been a big part of our kids lives even before we (their Mom and Dad) took it up.  Their Grandfather (Keijo Taivassalo) is "The Champ".  You name the distance and he has had the Ontario or Canadian Masters Record for it at some point in the... Continue Reading →

It’s All In The Cloud

"It's All In The Cloud" ~ Don't get too excited, this has nothing to do with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel's comedy about storing a "sensitive" video in the cloud.  This post is about the things that we will need to do this week to keep our feet on the ground when it feels like... Continue Reading →

My Beginning ~ Andrea

I grew up in a non-running family. I was a highly competitive dancer and into theater and all of the arts, but running found me anyway. Like so many women I had spent a large chunk of my late twenties and early thirties, trying to get pregnant, being pregnant or nursing babies. Five years ago... Continue Reading →

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