It’s In Their Blood


They never had a chance!  Spectating and racing has been a big part of our kids lives even before we (their Mom and Dad) took it up.  Their Grandfather (Keijo Taivassalo) is “The Champ”.  You name the distance and he has had the Ontario or Canadian Masters Record for it at some point in the last decade.  Brayden was an infant in a stroller spectating Keijo run in The Around The Bay Road Race in 2005.  Kesa was a year old at the Cross Country race pictured below.


They learned very young the importance of being active and have always strived to be “just like Opa”.



As they forge their own path, trying out kids triathlons, Mud Runs, and finding their passion in the water as competitive swimmers,  they are always game for a good race expo and they are THE best faces to see along the race course.


IMG_3181We have often talked about how, for them, running, setting goals, training and competing are just normal parts of life. They don’t know any different. The down/funny side is that they think that everyone can just “do a marathon”… At least they realize that winning one (like Opa does regularly) is pretty special.


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