Putting Family First

As parents we all want to give our children everything.  Even though this is very true for Petja and me, a few weeks ago we made a decision for our children that we thought was going to be very difficult to make.

The kids swim club was at a swim meet in Windsor, Ontario this weekend, however, our children were not there.

It has been a challenge to adjust to this year’s practice schedule.  I find that I am spending much more time taxiing the kids from pools to school in the mornings (with three morning practices a week) and evening drop offs and pick ups are at different pools at different times on the same night.  We are making it work but we are tired and it is only December.  So, when the paper work for this “away” meet came home, all we could see was more time and more money flying out of our pockets right before Christmas and a trip to Florida to see family for the New Year. After a short discussion with each other we told the kids that the Windsor trip was was not going to happen for them.

Over the years, so many things have come up and that we have said yes to.  We have spent money that we didn’t have at that moment to provide our children with opportunities that we thought they needed to have.  We would say yes and figure out the logistics later.  But this time we were to too tired to even want to try to figure it out.  What I thought would be the most difficult thing to do and say turned out to be VERY EASY.

We said NO, and the gift that that NO gave us was this wonderful time that we just spent together.  We had the entire weekend without practices or commitments.  Not one!  We slept in both days, went to a movie all together, decorated the Christmas Tree while watching ELF (which is a T-Family Tradition) and baked cookies.


We had an early Birthday celebration for Pet with his Mom, Dad, Sister, and Nephew.

Cookie decorating for the kids at Petja’s early Birthday party
On top of all that, I had a #MomWin by getting all of the laundry done with everyone helping to put it away, AND the bedrooms and bathrooms got cleaned.  We had a #PartnerInStride win as well.  We ran together for the first time in a few weeks and then got to browse around our local fancy grocery store together to find some yummy cheese and cakes while drinking our Starbucks.

We always make time for a few pics together.
These are all things that many people take for granted, but for us, it feels like a Christmas miracle that it all happened in one glorious weekend. 

 It has not been easy for our oldest.  All of his swim friends have posted pics having all the fun and he had some serious FOMO about it at first.  That, though, is also a good lesson to learn.  In life sometimes we just don’t get to do everything that we want to do.  

There were just so many wonderful things about this weekend that I am sad it is over.    We put our family first with one simple word … NO.


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